About the Story

MY BFF, SEX was originally written as a featured column in Anthony Ramirez’s high school newspaper when he was in the 11th grade. Due to the fact that a Texas high school on what Anthony was and was not allowed to write about regarding sex, Anthony began writing the stories as an online blog, expanding upon the shortened versions made available in the newspaper.

My BFF, Sex is based around the sex lives and relationships of the author’s friends. The characters are inspired by real people who have faced different kinds of adversity or trials in their relationships.

The stories are meant to bring to light issues that maybe are discussed openly enough, or possibly not at all. They are presented in a fictional format to make to keep the stories entertaining and to keep the readers characters with which they are able to relate. Sex can be complicated, and talking about it can seem uncomfortable, at times. However, it’s important to embrace all aspects of sexuality, as it is so central to the human experience.

This incarnation of My BFF, Sex will run for twenty weeks, ending May 26th. New stories will be available every Thursday (having begun January 7th) with the exception of March 17th, St. Patricks Day.

Anthony can be contacted at http://www.facebook.com/AnthonyRamirezAuthor