About the Author



ANTHONY RAMIREZ is a 21-year-old novelist whose hobbies include listening to Adele, making everyone around him laugh, drinking, listening to Adele, and making his friends feel inadequate. His first novel, “The Write Thing,” was published in 2013; his second, “Witches of the Deep South,” was released the following year. Both these books are available wherever books are sold. In his spare time, you can find Anthony sleeping around or just sleeping. There’s a good chance you will run into him in a bar. There is no chance you will run into him at the gym.

In 2012, Anthony wrote, produced, and starred in the online sitcom, “Anthony,” which was a commercial and critical failure. Don’t worry about sparing his feelings, he’s aware that no one wants to watch him on film. Because of this, he is currently writing a new, untitled sitcom, which will hopefully begin production in the summer of 2016, but more likely will get pushed back to fall, because Anthony will probably fall in love with someone who hates him.  Anthony will also be releasing a series of drunken videos entitled, “Wineding Down with Anthony.”

Aside from writing, Anthony also enjoys singing, performing stand-up, and counting down the days until the Adele concert, where you can find him in the third row, if you’re looking for that special with whom to cry. Anthony lives, writes, and drinks from his home in Houston, TX.